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12 October 2009 @ 07:56 pm
Illustration Friday: Welcome  
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Nearly done posting the backlog of art posts in my queue!

I stumbled across Illustration Friday a while ago, which is an awesome site. Every Friday, they put up a new drawing theme and you have a week to illustrate the concept. I’ve been looking for a community like that for a while, but many of the ones I found were pretty inactive. This one seems to be jumping, and the themes seem like a lot of fun. I’m going to try to participate as often as possible, or at least when the theme inspires me!

About a month ago, their theme was “Welcome”, and what immediately came to mind was this Japanese supermarket called Sunrise Mart that I frequent sometimes in the city. Whenever you enter the store, whoever sees you come in will greet you with a hearty “Irrashaimase!!” (welcome). Usually it’s the girls who are working the counter, but once I happened to walk in during a lull in business and a whole bunch of the employees were hanging out by the entrance. So I got a really big welcome that day, like big enough to knock your face off.

So here’s my first entry (even though I didn’t finish this one in time, but hell, I’m posting it anyway). openCanvas 4 for lines, Photoshop for (rushed) coloring job.
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